Lazy U Ranch Nature Photography

Native Texas Habitat and Day Photography

The Lazy U Ranch is the premier location for nature photographers due to bio diversity, water abundance, and location proximity. All pictures on the website have been taken on premises by friends and family members over the last number of years.

While the ranch is only 101 acres it is extremely unique regarding bio diversity. The Lazy U is located between two other property owners that offer additional 100 acre plus land buffers on each side. These land buffers are in a natural state allowing for continued animal migration. The land tract is a product from the old land grant days being long and narrow that was typical of land grant property in the 1800’s to allow for water frontage for irrigation and farming purposes. The Lazy U Ranch offers ¼ mile of Guadalupe river frontage on the CONSTANT level Lake Placid. With today’s extreme drought ongoing water is paramount to maintaining a robust ecological system.

The ranch offers 4 stock ponds with sizes ranging from ¼ acre to 1 acre. All decisions for land management have been made with regards to improving animal habitat. While a small a herd of Longhorns are maintained for personal consumption and income even they play a part with land stewardship in mind by keeping weeds to minimum. Hunting is limited to that which is necessary to control game populations and in very short time frame during the photographic off-season.

An important component in the continuing land stewardship program is the utilization of Bee Hives to promote healthy plant pollination. Utilizing the expertise of Mark Gretchen/Gretchen Bee Ranch (, the Gretchen Bee Ranch maintains a healthy hive system on the ranch insuring one of the most important components in the ecological system.

Prudent management practices of native grasses and continual landscaping for improvement of native trees and cactus has lead to an extremely healthy and robust numbers of ALL types of wildlife during the worst drought in Texas history. 150 plus species of birds have been witnessed, photographed and/or documented.

Day Photographer Prices

Prices include all ranch fees –this fee is for Day Photographers only.

  • 1 person: $50/person
  • 2 persons: $100/person
  • 3-4 persons: $160/person
  • > 4 persons: $180/person


  • Rick Blank
  • Keith Day
  • Nancy Russell


Peace and Solitude

Lazy U Ranch on the Guadalupe River Seguin Texas

Nature Photography

Lazy U Ranch Seguin Texas Nature Photography

Rio's BBQ House & Cantina

Lazy U Ranch Rios BBQ House and Cantina