Celebrate the 4th of July with the Lazy U Ranch
Lazy U Ranch 2012 4th of July Memorial Service

2012 Service

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4th of July Memorial Services

Since 2000 the Lazy U Ranch hosts a 4th of July event that is one of kind. An event that has grown over the years and is now only held every even year due to the size of the event. On even years the ranch host’s a weeklong event that includes Memorial Service, BBQ cook-off, and live music. Hundreds of family, friends, active duty, Wounded Warriors, and veterans come in from around the world. A 4th July event that provides an educational experience regarding the traditions of this great country.

This event welcomes all past renters and their families please sign up on our mailing list for future 4th of July events.

Lazy U Ranch 2012 4th of July Memorial Service

God, Family, Country.