Lazy U Ranch Cooking & Libations

Friends, Food, and FUN

For the group that is looking for seclusion but a location that provides a proximity to large city privileges, the Lazy U Ranch is uniquely qualified in this area.

If you are the type that likes the enjoyment of trying out your cooking skills, Rio’s BBQ House comes complete with large smoker/grill, 4 top commercial gas stove, and stainless steel food prep area with all the necessary equipment needed to do fine cooking.

This includes a Dutch Oven fire pit (Dutch Ovens not included) for the back to the basics outdoor chefs.

The cook house offers a fully covered area with a bar (BYOB) that allows for cooking and libation relaxation all in one.

During winter months you can fire up the wood stove for you outdoor comfort and pleasure.

The Rio Cantina offers a perfect setting for eating a fine steak, sipping a fine whiskey, or enjoying a fine wine amongst close family and friends.

For total convenience located only 5 minutes from the front gate and just 2.8 miles away is GRANZIN’S MEAT MARKET.
Granzin’s Meat Market can provide every need regarding fine quality cut meats, drinks, paper goods, charcoal, ice, etc.