Our Mission

Our GOAL is to offer an environment that is conducive to revitalizing old traditions that are reflective of this nation’s rich and storied past. We are dedicating a permanent structure that is reflective of “old school” values – GOD, HONOR, DUTY, and COUNTRY! A physical location that provides continuity for future generations to learn and understand the history of this country.

Our MISSION is to offer a PRIVATE location of unique beauty and setting that provides a glimpse of the past that represents the BEST this nation has to offer regarding rich traditions of the U.S. military. A private location that understands the reflective intentions of our nation’s founders in the Constitution and embraces our Christian heritage.

Our AIM is to provide an atmosphere that offers a shared environment between veterans and civilians families that stimulates pride and patriotism from personal stories of patron veterans. A place where patriotism is rekindled and children can see Wounded Warriors and witness their profound positive attitude to life and their comrades. Where Wounded Warriors can be amongst their own brothers in their struggle to rehabilitate.

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