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coin-2 coin-1To promote public support for the SS American Memorial which operates to acknowledge and honor the value and sacrifice of all who rendered loyal, faithful, heroic and self-sacrificing service at home and overseas, while in our armed forces or civilian capacity, and to inspire patriotism and enthusiasm to learn of this nation’s storied past.


Welcome to the SS American Memorial.  We believe the PRIVATE memorial building located on the Lazy U Ranch, Seguin TX, is the most unique  site in the state of TEXAS (if not the United States).  No other private property in the United States maintains as many acres dedicated to honoring Americans.

Our main mission is to honor American’s, and ensure that the sacrifices they’ve made are not forgotten.  We are committed to educating citizens about the history of our state and country, so that we may live a lifestyle we so often take for granted.  In today’s world of constant cultural change fewer and fewer of our youth are taught the rich traditions and history of our country; therefore, there are fewer persons who can relate first-hand what it means to be an American.

The greatest threat to our country is that we can no longer articulate what it means to be an American – Dennis Prager

Only 250 tickets per event

Fundraiser music events support our mission.
Next Event: June 20, 2015

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